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on his back and riding him.    This Is done very
simply, and within about five minutes.

The warrior takes the blanket and strikes the
horse's back a number of blows. Then he lays
the blanket on his back very gently. The horse
will at first start to buck it off, but another jerk
on the string,, and he Is quietened. The warrior
picks the blanket up and lays it across his back
again. The horse will jump out from under it
perhaps twice before he will stand still. When
he has been brought to this point, the man throws
the blanket down and walks slowly to the side of
the horse and places both hands on his back and
presses down lightly. He keeps pressing a little
harder and harder9 until finally he places his
elbows across his back and draws his body an Inch
off the ground, putting his full weight on the
back of the animal. A horse might jump a little
at the first experience of this weight,, but he will
stand still the next time it is tried.

After the warrior has hung on his back by his
elbows for several periods of about thirty seconds
each, he will now very gradually pull himself ups
up, up3 until he is ready to throw his right foot
over to the other side. It Is a strange fact that
few horses broken In this manner ever try to buck.
He will stand perfectly still, and the man will sit
there and stroke him for a moment and then
gently urge him to go; and the horse will awk~